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Interview with the federal guard in shooting, deputy chief Edgar Dommermuth

Polizeidirektor Edgar Dommermuth

Interview with the federal guard in shooting, deputy chief Edgar Dommermuth

Please, introduce yourself

Edgar Dommermuth, born in Koblenz 1962, married with Barbara Niedernhuber ( former world-class luger), two sons out of the first marriage, lives in Schönau, lakeside Königssee, have been possessing a hunting licence for 20 years, athletic interests: alpine skiing, jogging,  driving the motor scooter.


What are your present official activities /functions, what can you tell us about your career?

present function: head of the 2017 new founded federal police station Freilassing at the German-Austrian border professional career:

  • 1980-1983 studies at the university of applied sciences

  • until 1994 different assignments as platoon leader of the water cannon, platoon leader of the special vehicle, leader of the technical platoon, deputy centurion of the former border patrol department Mitte 2, Bad Hersfeld

  • 1994-1996 studies for the police command service in Lübeck and Münster

  • since 1996 deputy head official in Stuttgart and Munich, head of the staff department “engineering” in the border police headquarters south in Munich, head of education and further education centre Oerlenbach, head of the inspection team airport Munich ( the greatest office of the federal police in Bavaria), at first leader of the headquarters´ personnel, now leader of the federal police station Freilassing with the focus German –Austrian border


Since when have you been working as a guard in shooting?

  • In 2013 I was appointed as guard in shooting into the expert committee of the German Police Sport Board of Trustees.

  • Since 1986 I was team leader of the national team of the federal state in German police championships

  • 2003 I became guard in shooting of the federal state (federal police and federal criminal police office) as successor of Gerhard Beyer, a very important person in the German shooting association.


What are your relations to the shooting sport? What event are you /were you actively participating?

  • 1984 I started pistol shooting

  • I practised air pistol , target pistol small calibre, large calibre and free pistol

  • Under the guidance of my former mentor, Gerhard Beyer, I managed to take part in the regional   championships.

  • During that time, an official promotion of the members of the national team of the federation was given.

  • In the 80s Gerhard Beyer, Sebastian Forstner and Markus Stark were excellent sport shooters with national team status.

  • Hence I was not able to take part in the German police championships.

  • After my professional advancement /promotion and my official change of the location I reduced sport shooting at the end of the 90s.


How do you find out sportswomen/ sportsmen who represent our country in the national team?

  • The selection for the national team is not easy.

  • Germany is a strong sport shooting nation.

  • My aim is to have the best shooters at the start.

  • Due to the elite sport promotion in the countries and the federation, we have many police officers who shoot in the different squads and we have an extremely high density to perform among the best shooters.

  • To compare the former achievements at national and international competitions and championships, coaches invite those top shooters in rifle – and pistol shooting to a qualification event in April.  

  • As a result of this qualification event and taking into consideration the results of another sport shooting event taking place at the same time, the two top ranking female shooters and male shooters of a discipline are nominated.

  • In special individual cases top ranking shooters are designated in my responsibility.


What are the chances of the German team and what nations are especially strong competitors?  

  • At the 16th European Police Championship in Kasan/ Russia there were only nine nations at the start.

  • Russia, Rumania and France were the most successful countries.

  • They will present top shooters in Suhl as well.

  • As mentioned, Germany has a range of outstanding sportswomen and sportsmen.

  • We like to come up with good results in our home country, we have the capability.


Do the athletes get enough support by their respective superiors in preparation of that big championship?

  • Athletes who are in the top sports promotion render every assistance by their employers.

  • Sportswomen and sportsmen who do not have that status, always need an individual agreement of sportive aims and official necessities.

  • For the case, sportswomen and sportsmen have not finished their academic career, sport has to be reduced on behalf of the service.

  • I get the necessary support by my superior for official trips, participation at meetings, preparation and performance of the European Championship.

  • The daily operation at my work place have to be done anyway.


What expectations do you have on us as host and on the championship to be successful?

  • The expectations are always the same    .

  • Important are:

  1. The competition site has to fulfil international demands and make trouble-free competitions possible.
    With the shooting sport centre Suhl Germany has got one of the most modern facilities and offers very good conditions for thrilling competitions.

  2. An elaborated and trouble –free organisation, starting with the arrival, the accommodations, the information navigation, the storage of the weapons and finally the organisation of the competitions.

  3. Officials and referees, who show silence and competence to enable the sportswomen and sportsmen to reach records.

I am looking forward to this EPM and I am sure that all persons responsible give their best to make this European Championship to a special event.


Ralph Huppertsberg, police inspector at the education centre of the Thuringian police, conducted this interview