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Optimally prepared…

…are the 13 target shooters of our german representative team for the European Championships in Shooting which is actually in the last training period ahead of the competition.

During our visit of the team in the Sport Shooting Centre Suhl they convinced us of their enthusiasm and motivation with which they are going to enter the contest at June, 17th 2019.

A substantially contribution to the success of the team are the 5 coaches, physiotherapists and mental trainers which stand by their charges through helping them to build up the mental capacities and physical power and answering all their technical questions.

The versatility and complexity of the shooting sport is fascinating. Besides the extensive equipment for every single discipline – 10 in this EPC – the nice weather is also important because some contests take place outside. We found out that most of the shooters train since they were a child, some of them with justified ambitions for the Olympic Games. So we can be more than excited…!

The German representative team:

Christian Freckmann - Thuringia / Aaron Sauter - Hesse / Svenja Berge - Hesse / Mathias Putzmann - Saxony / Tobias Heider - Federation / Max Braun - Baden Württemberg / Sophie Petry - Baden Württemberg / Anita Mangold - Baden Württemberg / Josephine Eder - Brandenburg / Andrea Heckner - Bavaria / Andreas Geuther - Bavaria / Kai Dembeck - North Rhine-Westphalia / Denise Palberg - North Rhine-Westphalia

Soon the athletes and coaches will be introduced in detail.