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Union Sportive des Polices d´Europe (USPE)

The main focus of the USPE is the promotion of police sports. Since November 30, 1950, over 40 European countries have become members of the USPE. The USPE has organized European Championships in 16 types of sports. A total of 192 European championship were held between 1952 and 2015.

DPSK (The German Police Sports Board of Trustees)

As a member of the USPE, The German Police Sports Board of Trustees (DPSK) is a regular organizer of European Police Championships, which now looks back at a history of 50 years. The DPSK consists of police sport representatives of all German state governments and is guided by a voluntary board of directors. The maintenance of the physical capacities of all police officers is one of the priorities of the DPSK. It is an essential requirement in order to protect all citizens as well as the officers.

Thuringian Ministry of the Interior and Municipal Affairs

The Thuringian Ministry of the Interior and Municipal Affairs is the highest office and is led by Minister Georg Maier. Based on the decision of the former Minister of the Interior, Dr. Poppenhäger, the planning, organization and orientation of the EPM was transferred to the Training Center of the Thuringian Police in June 2016.

Thuringian Police Sports Board of Trustees (TPSK)

Since December 2014, Chief Superintendent Andreas Röhner is the Sports Commissionar of the Thuringian Police. As a runner and cyclist, he is closely connected with sports and he has been the long-term head of the Department for Education and Training at the Education Center of the Thuringian Police (Bildungszentrum der Thüringer Polizei).

Andreas Röhner has cared very much about the promotion of service-related and competitive sports in Thuringia for many years. "Healthy leadership always starts with a healthy leader", the 46 year old said. Not only did he organize the German Police Championship in Judo in 2014 and in Ju-Jitsu in 2015 as well as numerous other police championships, he even participates regularly in service-related sports events and competitions.

“The goal is to build on the valuable experiences of past work with the DPSK and the office of the TPSK and to attempt to further develop the Thuringian police based on new ideas” Röhner said when taking office. The basic positions of the DPSK and the requirements of the Thuringian Ministry of the Interior and Municipal Affairs have to be put into action in a transparent and sustainable manner.

Education Center of the Thuringian Police

The Education Center of the Thuringian Police (Bildungszentrum der Thüringer Polizei) is the office in the free state of Thuringia, dedicated to educating the intermediate police civil servants. The civil service candidates undergo a two-year modular training. Furthermore, the Thuringian police officers is carried out at the center under state-of-the-art conditions.


Suhl is a town in the green heart of Germany, surrounded by the Thuringian forest and has a great history in the centuries-old tradition of producing high-quality hunting and sporting firearms. In addition to the weapons museum (Waffenmuseum), the vehicle museum (Fahrzeugmuseum) is legendary as a historical tribute to vehicle engineering in Suhl since 1896.

Suhl has 38,000 inhabitants and distinguishes itself as "state-recognized resort town". Suhl is also a town of contrasts. While the town center is at 430 meters, the Domberg mountain towers at 675 meters. The Rennsteig is located nearby, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany. Due to these geological conditions, Suhl is not only ideal for hikers, but also for lovers of winter sports.

Sport Shooting Center of Suhl

The venue of the EPM Shooting 2019, the Schießsportzentrum Suhl, is one of the world's most advanced competition facilities for all sports shooting and hunting disciplines.