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The venue, the Schießsportzentrum Suhl, is situated in the Thuringian forest - one of the most popular destinations in Germany. The central mountains are the heart of the free state of Thuringia and also are a tourist attraction as well as an attractive industrial site because of their central location and the very well-developed transportation network.

The magnificent nature inspires extensive hikes and bicycle tours, which nature lovers are sure to enjoy. The vast forest areas are impressive and explain why Thuringia is referred to as the "green heart of Germany." The Rennsteig is one of the most beautiful and most famous hiking trails in the entire Federal Republic. Numerous historical sites complete the recreational and cultural offers of the region.

The internationally known, over 900-year old Wartburg Castle of the city of Eisenach is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999. Here, Martin Luther translated the New Testament. This historic destination is worth a visit. In addition to the Wartburg Castle, there are countless castles, palaces, museums, parks and monuments to discover.

Culturally interested visitors can also explore many great cities. The city of Weimar should definitely be visited during a stay in Thuringia. Not far from Suhl is the theater town of Meiningen, which is also worth exploring. The Cathedral City of Erfurt ist the official capital of the state, which is also the largest city of the Thuringia (200,000 inhabitants). Worth seeing is the medieval town center and the numerous half-timbered buildings of the city. The Krämerbrücke bridge is one of the landmarks and the longest bridge continuously built with houses and inhabited in Europe.

The free state of Thuringia is also known for many culinary highlights. Both, the "Thuriner Rostbratwurst" and the "Köstritzer Schwarzbier" originated here. The Thuringian region offers appealing attractions and facilitates a relaxing and inspiring stay for the young and old. That is what we wish guests from all over the world and visitors to the European Police Championships in Shooting, 2019.